Vote on issues about the context of the game.

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What would different cultures include, if states could have different cultural representations?
What should the overriding ideology for assessing performance be?
What should be the main institution for taking care of people when they are dependent, i.e., as children and as adults?
What should be players' object of the game?
The most fun a player will have in the game will be from (1 is the highest):
Should total equality be the object of the game?
Should there be independent, random events that affect states and individuals?
Should there be an object of the game, or should this be an interactive simulation, like Sim City?
Should the game require positive outcomes only, or should it allow for negative ones as well?
Should the game give users points to make up for unequal distribution of natural resources among countries?
Should the game begin with states?
Should players receive points based on the amount of political power they have?
Should players be able to choose their occupation?
Should players be able to advance their interests by participating in smaller groups?
Should player success be visualized as a resume with skills and accomplishments deemed wealth?
Rank the factors that should be weighted most heavily in determining the variation among states (1 is heaviest).
Rank the environmental effects that should be weighed heaviest (1 being heaviest).
Players will hold office based on:
How should states be run?
How should players experience mastery of the game?
How realistic should the game world be?