Should sound be an important part of the game environment; should there be consistent audio cues?

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I believe that sound should be an integral part of the game environment and that there should be consistent audio cues throughout the game. Sound is an important aspect of the human experience with the world, and it would be a shame if it were left out of the game. People have subconscious reactions to sounds that make them feel/act a certain way, or influence them in decision-making. For example, the sound of a beating heart may increase nervousness and make a person quick to act without thinking out the pros and cons of their actions fully. Another example is positive reinforcement through sound. When people hear a "good" sound, it makes them feel that they have done something right, and can indicate a gain in avatarial capital within the game. Through sound cues, the rules and processes of the game can be learned more quickly and fully.

I agree that sound should be incorporated into the game. Sound is a vital aspect to the experience players' gain from playing a game. Even the very first games such as Pong had sounds even though the sounds they provided was very minimal, it still enhanced the experience. Without sound, the game would not be as compelling and interesting for most players and it would lose many players' interest. Could you imagine playing a classic game such a Pacman without the wakka wakka sound Pacman made? It would be a completely different experience and way less fun. Sound allows the gamers to feel immersed in the game world and help us interact with the world itself. It would give us the the heightened sense of realism that the game is trying to achieve. Sound has the power to attract attention and help alert the players of what is going on in the world, thus helping us interact and participate with the game world. Sound in a game just gives the players a better overall experience of the game and without it, the game would be just boring because we would just be seeing some pixels on a screen move around without knowing exactly what is going on.

Sound is an important part of gaming, as long as it is not overwhelming. I think the major role of sound for this game should be the audio clues that signal various events. There should be different sounds and tones that represent what is going on in the world and how a character interacts with the environment. Not only do these sounds help with the player keeping up with what is happening in the world, but it makes the game a more satisfying experience in the end.

Sound is vital for gaming, it adds another dimension to the game and the experience. Sound in a game's environment helps further immerse a gamer in it's world. Consistent sound cues in the environment gives gamers more than just their sight, as these can cue feelings, emotions, and impulses, causing gamers to react to their environment rather than just playing through it.

I completely agree. Sound is a major component in games and should continue to be. Sound has the ability to direct attention, draw emotions, and add to the overall effect of a game, and without it, there is one less sense a player can experience and interact with during game play. Whether it be a theme song or specific type of gunshot, most sounds are unique, and throughout a game these sounds become familiar and even memorable to players. (For example, off the top of my head I can recall the Mario Theme song and in Street Fighter, Ryu's famous Hadouken.)

the sounds sometimes are helpful, but when player really want to focus on the game and the sound would sometimes distracting the thinking pattern. If player can choice whether or not he want to have the sounds during the game, that will be better rather then just consistently have the cues.

Incorporating sound, such as music or for points in the game when a change occurs, will allow for a more engaging, fun experience that can stimulate the auditory senses and make the overall gaming experience more interesting. Sound can alert the player when a positive or negative change occurs, or signal the player when the game playing experience gets more intense or challenging.

yea, I agree with you, sound might be good hints for player to pay certain attentions, but sometimes when people playing the game, too many sounds would probably become the problem to players to pay attention in the game.