Should players be required to work in the game, e.g., building or designing a game product?

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I don't think people should have to work in the game. Although this is a simulation, this would go against the basic idea that games are voluntary and separate from reality (Huizinga). By forcing people to work, this goes against the basic principle that it is for enjoyment. It might also deter people from wanting to play the game as well. Working could be an option though. This option could help obtain resources that could help in the game, but it shouldn't be necessary.

Players shouldn't be required to work in a game. Games don't need players to build or design in order to function. If all games were like that then games would get too repetitive and boring. Some games that build around such principles are fun in their own way, but they don't work for other games. For example, the SimCity series revolves around building a city. The concept of working towards building a city is fun for that particular game, but building a city just doesn't work for games such as CounterStrike or the Modern Warfare series. They are just different genres. However, most games dictate that the player should work in some way in order to achieve the next level of experience or skills for that particular player's avatar. In a sense, each game requires work, but not necessarily the straight forward definition that we associate work with. Playing the game in itself is working toward a goal. Yet that goal doesn't always require a physical definition such as building a town or designing a car.