Should players receive points based on the amount of political power they have?

For example, their ability to shape the decisions of their respective states, etc.

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Earning points based on political power seems to be in direct contrast with the goal of this game. If we are trying to steer away from creating a world in this game that approves of the same capitalistic qualities that our society maintains in real life, then we should not give points based on the amount of political power people have. If at all possible, points should be based on the amount of effort a player puts into creating a peaceful environment and helping one another. Giving points for political power defeats the purpose of creating a world in which all players are equal and one is not above another based because of political motivations. More points to those in power would continue to expand the same gap between rich and power, powerful and powerless that takes place in the real world.

"More points to those in power would continue to expand the same gap between rich and power, powerful and powerless that takes place in the real world."

Exactly, giving more power to those who have power will do nothing but further the possibility of control being stuck in one place which contrasts with the second decree of no inheritance. Instead of rewarding power, the outcome of political decisions should be the deciding factor in the rewards. If the decision was beneficial to society then they should get points for good work and lose points for negative outcomes. In this way, the gap of power would not widen and would possibly be able to lessen.

One flaw with this thinking is that we do not yet know if points = power. It is entirely possible that in game points are equivalent to some sort of in game currency, which would support your somewhat, it could just as easily be some sort of arbitrary ranking system for the most influential players or a measurement of how closely to the decrees and the manifestos way of thinking a player is acting.

Another issue would be that if people were staying in power positions in order to game the system, as seen in the decrees, the players all have a choice of which state to be a part of. This means that the game already has a system in place for handling power hungry players that refuse to leave, as nothing is forcing the people to live under this persons rule.

Now if we go under the impression that more points are gained for being in the highest political position possible, then the game will be in a constant state of flux as players are doing everything they can to get to the top. This is a much bigger issue in my mind, as instead of being able to see people work together and form an alternate world you would instead see what we currently have in america which is a group of people, unsuited for making choices for others, deceiving their way into places of power.

In my opinion, players shouldn't earn points base on the amount of political power they have. Earning points base on the amount of political power does make sense because it is the way of receiving points in real life we are accustomed to. But in a virtual game, it is not ideal. What is realistic for a virtual game to keep it's players engage is to give them what they want, and most player would probably not want to engage in a virtual game that is so much like the real world that they are trying to escape from. So this wouldn't be the best idea to earn points base on the amount of political power for this would ruin the whole purpose of interest the players have for the game.

I agree that players shouldn't earn points based on their political power. In this game, players will wan to escape the real world where there exists power hungry politicians and where politicians have more influence based on how high up in the political hierarchy they currently are. I think this could make the political structure of the game similar to ours in the real world, which is flawed and negatively viewed upon by many citizens. Keeping the players engaged is very important, especially in a game like this. Keeping the world of this game different than our real world can better effectively keep players wanting to come back and play more.

I think players should not receive points based on their amount of political power. Realistically however, this is the case in real society with chair holders and those with positions within the government. The world is often good to those who know 'the right' people and have networking power as well as those who hold esteemed positions within the government or important companies. This shows a real inconsistency within real society. Interestingly when I think of the game world, I am reminded of the matrix in that the matrix is the real world and the game world is the dream world. The game world allows for anything to happen without affecting real life, similar to the dream world in the film. Despite this, even though privilege and advantage are a part of the real world, everyone should be on an equal level within the game world.

I think that this could be one way that players could earn points but i also believe that this should NOT be the only way to earn points. I feel that people that are given the positions with less political power should still have a voice in this world. I feel that that is one problem in our world- people without representation or that have been politically disenfranchised do not have a voice. I feel that if only powerful political people were able to get points it would just be a continuation of that same disenfranchisment that we experience in our world today!

I agree with what you said that people with less power should still have a voice in this world. And to come to think about it the world's population actually consist more of those people, which is why in my opinion their voice is what matters the most. It is true that if only players with the most political power receive the most points would just encourage the same disenfranchisement in the real world now, for the players who in this virtual game may want to engage in it for the purpose of escaping the real world, and if this virtual game is so much like the real world in terms of merits then players would lose interest in it for the purpose for them is lost.