Should the game limit player choices, or allow for individual force?

Should states have players that have special powers to force other players to follow the rules, or should the game itself limit player choices? Should there be a police force?:

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If the game places enforcement in the hands of a few it creates the potential for abuse. In fact, history in the real world guarantees such abuse will occur. Having the game code restrict action is like having an invisible and unbiased police force that constrains everyones actions equally. I beleive eliminating the power derived from law enforcement will make it easier to create a world that is eqaul, free from violence, and inhibits creativity.

Police and military forces have been seen throughout innumerable periods in history to over-step their established powers, or to otherwise unjustly abuse people and their rights. However, I do not believe it is possible to have a society without a penalizing force. My best suggestion is that there should be a police force, but in deciding appropriate punishment for breaking of the rules, an emphasis should be placed upon rehabilitation, rather than retribution or even removal from society.

Misuse of power will potentially happen regardless of who gets the power in the game. That is why the game itself should limit the choices that the player obtain in the game and an in-game police force should not exist. It should be more of "an invisible and unbiased police force" (like JDDREW stated). By having this in effect the game world would flow more effectively and the decisions on punishment would be fair to all and not just a select group of players. Also, this may eventually eliminate those that try to abuse the power for their benefit and be beneficial for the growth of an equal society.